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H-e-H-isms are the rantings of an Egyptian monkey raised in the grimy backstreets of east London. This monkey wakes to find a warm climate replaced with cold, umbrella-reversing gales; fuul has become bacon and eggs; and the exotic and seductive eastern beauty is now a 4-foot-high pensioner called Doris...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flirting the Egyptian way...

When I was walking in the lady first yesterday, I saw a piece of religion of girl, and she was egg and sweet.

I said, "O' earth, keep what on you. A hundred evenings on your eyes O' beautiful."

She said: "Poison."

To which I replied: "Poison from your hand is poisonpoison O' moon."

She shouted at me: "Yes, yes, your mother soul. Do you remember me one of them? Collect yourself, or I'll collect the street on you, O' Ashraf."

The girl entered my brain.

I said to her: "You are right on me. It shows on you, you are a daughter of the people. I want you on the book of God and his prophet. I write my book on you tonight."

She laughed at me and said, "On your slow, Ashraf, on your slow. Write the book in one piece? Won't you talk on me first?

Drunk with love, I shouted: "I die in the cream, O' thousand white mornings. I'm going to talk on you right now."


Blogger Duke said...

اى ريللى سينك ذيس اس فنى

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sink it's funny too.

7:32 PM  
Blogger شهرزاد Shahrazad said...

Oh my god!
The first couple of lines i was like what??????

This is toooooooooooo funny

7:12 AM  

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