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H-e-H-isms are the rantings of an Egyptian monkey raised in the grimy backstreets of east London. This monkey wakes to find a warm climate replaced with cold, umbrella-reversing gales; fuul has become bacon and eggs; and the exotic and seductive eastern beauty is now a 4-foot-high pensioner called Doris...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Emergency on the Suez Canal

An imaginary conversation via radio between Suez Canal authorities and a sinking British ship:-

British Ship: Hello Mayday!

Suez Canal: 'Allo?

BS: Mayday Mayday!

SC: 'Allo?

BS: Yes, yes, hello, Mayday! Mayday!

SC: Aywa meen?

BS: We are sinking! We are sinking! .... (voice fades away)

SC: What are you sinking about?


Blogger Seneferu said...

LOL, I just discovered your blog.

6:57 PM  
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